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Helping Equines Reach Their Full Potential Through Training

Webb Carroll Training Center believes in sending horses to the training track in big sets. We try to give each horse as much of a racetrack atmosphere as possible.

There are a variety of drills that will get your horse ready for the races. Here at Webb Carroll Training Center, we train all day long so every horse gets our full attention. Our goal is to send out a stable, sound, fit, and educated horse that’s ready for the racetrack environment.

Gate Work

Here at the training center, we take pride in our gate program. We will coach your horses at the gate from the first day on the track until they ship out.

At first, we walk every horse through the gate every day. Once the horses get accustomed to it, we start closing the doors.

We simulate the same conditions as if they were at the racetrack by jumping in front, rattling the metal doors, waving hats, and climbing all over them. When your horse arrives to your trainer, they will become an educated gate horse.


Webb Carroll Training Center is known for its large sets. During the breaking season, we will have as many as 16 horses in a set. This is because we want to give the youngsters as much of a racetrack atmosphere as possible.

Drills are done where there are four horses in front of five, which allows them to get dirt in their face. We will also split the set and make the half gallop one direction and the other half in another direction. This gets them used to horses galloping towards them as they do at the racetrack.

We ensure you that when your youngster leaves the training center, they will be ready for the races.

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